2023-03-02 March Release Notes



  • Survey editor now supports dynamic questions.
  • List topics are now supporting translation.
  • CRM view is now updated after the module tool Run HTTP request is clicked.
  • Field setting now allows the user to select the option to format text.

New format text view

  • Filters and quick filters have received a coherency update on date selections.
  • In case of inaccuracy of imported data picklist values user now gets a notification of not found value.

Mass Functions

  • Users without Mass Invoicing privileges can no longer edit these entities.
  • Mass Edit now has the checkbox which clears selected field from all the data.
  • Mass Edit now has Mass Delete -function.
  • It is now possible to activate or deactivate Mass Edit in Calendar Module.

Visual Changes

  • Show more -button is no longer visible if there is nothing more to show.
  • Text field in the relation list will now shrink if the field contains too many characters.
    • If there is more text available, you can see … at the end of the text.
    • To see all the information available on the field, hover the mouse over it.
  • Suomen Asiakastieto (SAT) -button is now in the new location under Accounts.
    • In the Accounts page go to the dropdown menu and activate SAT.
    • NOTE: SAT is a paid feature, so this is not visible to all customers.
Visual demonstration of the new SAT button location

Highlighted dropdown menu to demonstrate where you can find the new location of the SAT button

Self-Service Portal

  • Users can now add rows to existing sales orders.


  • Pricebook management



  • Removed hours-condition from filer conditions with a date.
  • Front page elements shrinking bug is now fixed.
  • Mass Event KPI now shows the number of registrations correctly.
  • General speed, stability, and performance improvements.


  • General speed, stability, and performance improvements.
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