2022-04-07, April Release Notes


  • New Relations moduleĀ 

An entirely new module, which is meant for creating relations between entities from different modules in the CRM. The module enables creating a link between almost any modules in the system.

  • Improvements in Surveys

There is a new question type in surveys which enables uploading a file as an attachment.

The Dropdown-typed questions are now also supported in Mass events’ surveys.

The answers to the survey can now be exported to an Excel file from the bottom right corner of the Answers table.

  • Improvements in rows

Stock tracking is now enabled also in the new interface.

The Comment field on inventory rows now shows line breaks correctly in read mode.

Discount is hidden from Invoices’/Quotes’/Sales Orders’ summary, if the possibility to give discount has been hidden from the rows. Allowed discount amount has also been increased and is now up to 25 integers and 3 decimals.

  • Improvements and fixes in the Home page

The activities on Calendar elements now have a new preview, if the user clicks on an activity. This preview provides the most needed fields and a button for opening the activity in the Calendar module.

Improvements in graphs: changing the start module now resets the conditions and timespan options have been standardized. You can also now select multiple creators when creating Creator-related conditions for Sales funnel elements.

The quick view function is now enabled for projects in Project hours elements.

Improvements concerning the performance of the drill-down function.

  • Project expenses are editable by admins and assigned users also in the new interface
  • The Mass events’ static KPIs are now located at the top of the page
  • Editing an activity in the Calendar module will no longer open a pop-up; instead the edit mode is activated, similarly to the edit mode in other modules
  • The data is automatically refreshed after work hour input or after using a module tool
  • Improvements in process bar’sĀ behavior; to change the phase, the user must hold their click. This prevents accidental clicks on the process bar.
  • Improved email field validation; only valid email addresses with no spaces etc. are accepted
  • All attachments created through SOAP are shown also in the new interface
  • Fixes in Kanban’s user images
  • Fixes in the decimals shown on numbers in filters
  • Fixes in validation formulas when creating new entities
  • Fixes in file names when downloading files from the CRM


Self-Service Portal

  • Paytrail enabled in Mass events
  • Improvements in the booking function; improved calendar for each space and the default start and end dates and times are set according to the space’s default duration
  • A new settings section for bookings in the Self-Service Portal’s settings
  • Date & time pickers have now support for Finnish, Swedish and Estonian


Netvisor Connector

  • More options for payment handling enabled; payment information can be updated either on the original invoice or in the Payments module, or payment handling can be disabled altogether
  • Support for RF reference numbers and country codes added


Procountor Connector

  • The use of Payments module enabled
  • Support for partial payments
  • Possibility to handle invoices by status


WooCommerce Connector

  • Support for creating payments with relations to sales order and contact


Online Replication Tool

  • Support for custom date output



  • Added geoblocks from IP addresses of certain areas; if you need more information on this, please contact our customer service
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