2022-08-11, August Release Notes


  • Recurring invoicing enabled in the new interface

Sales orders can now create recurring invoices also in the new interface. The function can be accessed in the sales orders’ actions. Similarly to the legacy interface, to enable recurring invoicing, the sales order has to have products that are enabled for recurring invoicing and are billed either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

  • Improvements in Mass Events

Adding a new participant via CRM now asks the user to select a role for the participant. The list of the participants can also be ordered by any of the columns.

The mass event’s survey answers now include all the answers, even if the registration has been cancelled. The status of each contact is also shown.

Invoices created from a mass event include a link to the event.

  • The home page element for adding working hours has a progress chart if the project phase has agreed hours
  • Improvements in triggers; customized events (e.g. sending the email a day before a specified time) are now enabled
  • The filters’ customized ordering will now remain during the same session
  • Support for Run HTTP request module tool in the new interface
  • Performance improvements when saving rows
  • Performance improvements in indexing
  • Fixes concerning invoice’s e-billing company
  • Fixes in activities’ permissions
  • Fixes in mobile scalability while the device is used horizontally
  • Fixes in home page charts’ drill down


  • Billing company’s information can now be updated to Scrive in E-Sign Settings


  • Improved error handling


Contact Center

  • New tool for running diagnostics

The user now has a tool in their settings to test the quality of their internet connection, microphone, speakers etc. The tool tells the user if any issues that can affect the calls are found.


Self-Service Portal

  • Support for Quotes and Relations modules

The quotes module is a read-only module in the portal, with options to show either all the quotes to all users or to show only the quotes linked to each user. The relations module enables users to view, update and request termination of their relations.


Outlook Plugin

  • Possibility to link emails to quotes and potentials in Outlook


Alma Talent Connector

  • New optional logic for passivating an account if a company with the same VAT code has been passivated in Alma Talent’s database
  • Improved search performance if the response includes more than 10 000 accounts


Redirect API

  • Possibility to use hash and timestamps in requests
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