2021-12-09, December Release Notes


  • Suomen Asiakastieto connector available in the new interface

The customers who are using Suomen Asiakastieto (SAT) connector can now access the function also in the new interface. The function is located in the home page and has a renewed look to match the new interface. All the same functionalities are still present.

  • Sent newsletters and automated emails can be shown on contact cards

In the new interface, you can now activate a view that show all the emails that have been sent to the contact. Note that this only includes the emails that have been made with the CRM’s new email editor. The view can be activated in the Contact module’s CRM2 Layout settings.

  • Added emails available for viewing also in the new interface

This includes emails that are synchronized from Outlook with the CRM-service Outlook Add-in and also emails that have been sent from the legacy interface’s Email module. Emails can be shown as a separate related list on contact cards (see the guide).

  • Contents of a filter can be exported to an Excel file

It is possible to activate a button for each module for the needed profiles with which you can export the contents of a filter to an Excel file. Note, that if the filter has any relations to other modules, the column will show the ID of the entity. The support for showing the entity name will be enabled in later updates, but by adding the related module as a relation in the filter’s settings, you can already show the relations in plain language instead of IDs.

  • Select user(s), whose activities should be shown on the Dashboard’s Week calendar

You can now get other users’ calendars on you own Dashboard with the Week calendar element. The element’s settings now have options for selecting the user(s) whose calendars you wish to see. Note, that multiple simultaneous activities affect the usability of the element. This will be improved in future updates.

  • A view for managing the information to be kept, if any simultaneous edits are made

If two users make edits to the same entity at the same time, the latter user will get a notification about conflicts in the edits, if there are any. This user can then select which information should be kept, or if they wish to undo their own edits.

  • You can now select multiple relations in the Dashboard’s Salespipe element’s conditions
  • Fixes in module filters; admin users can edit existing filters
  • Fixes in notifications’ performance
  • Existing project phases and project hours can be edited
  • Multiday calendar events show on each of the days, not just the first one
  • The quick create view respects field dynamicity
  • A deleted contact is shown more clearly when linked to another entity and can be replaced
  • The “Reply to” address takes effect in the new massmailing tool
  • The icons for accounts and contacts are now shown before the module name to improve usability
  • Fixes in module tool parameters; the tag {$USERID} usable with the “Open External Url” tool
  • Fixes in workflows delaying
  • Improvements in user rights’ hierarchy; this prevents the admin from making conflicting rules
  • Invoicing: fixed a field concerning Finvoice 3.0
  • Improved handling of error messages if an invoice ends up in an error in Maventa


Contact Portal

  • Performance improvements to ensure quicker and smoother use


Self-Service Portal

  • Contacts’ Birthday field now respects read/edit permissions


Alma Talent Connector

  • Possibility to automatically include existing CRM accounts into Alma quota and to data maintenance


Procountor Connector

  • Possibility for the needed follow-up actions after the invoice has been created

The renewed connector can now maintain product and dimension (e.g. cost centres, contacts, products) registries. Dimensions and accounting id are automatically set to invoice ledger page. More fields are also available for use, which enables more versatile data processing in Procountor.

The new functions can be activated for use for those customers who are already using the Procountor connector.

Fivaldi Connector

  • The field for account’s email has been changed


Netvisor Connector

  • Product’s unit price is now saved in Net price field (Nettohinta) in Netvisor
  • Fixed an error situation if a row’s description field has not been determined


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