2022-05-12, May Release Notes


  • Two-factor authentication in CRM login

If the two-factor authentication (2FA) is activated, the CRM users are required to first use their username and password, and then a PIN code sent by email to log in. The PIN code is valid for 15 minutes after starting the login. The function can be activated in the settings, but if there are any users used in REST integrations in the system, the activation must be done by us to ensure that the integrations are not affected.

From now on, the email address and name specified in the Additional Settings → SMTP Settings’ fields “Email address used for system messages” and “Sender name for system messages” are used as the sender for the PIN code.

  • Billing enabled in Projects

Billing the project’s expenses is now enabled in the new interface. The function is available in the project’s actions, if the project has any reported expenses and a relation to an account. The new interface does not yet support billing for multi account projects.

  • Improvements in Mass Events

The billing function has been published to Mass Events, meaning that you can create invoices for all the participants at once. The product(s) selected for the mass event and subevents are included in the invoices automatically, and you can select whether the invoice should be targeted at the contacts or the accounts.

The Mass Event’s email triggers have been improved, as you can now choose to target the email to the participants of a certain subevent or to a certain staff role.

The Mass Events’ registrations now include a checkbox field to indicate a no-show.

Subevents’ Start and End dates are also prefilled according to the main event’s schedule.

  • Improvements in the Home page

There are now hovers telling more about the different amounts in the charts in all chart types.

The element for work hour reporting has been improved to expand the area primarily for the projects name if the width of the element is increased.

E-billing company and Accounting ID fields are now supported in home page graphs.

Fixes in the Estonian translation concerning the work week element.

  • Improved performance for default filters
  • Row fields now support global translations
  • Product’s available stock amount now shows decimals
  • Relations’ Relation type and Relation number fields are now clickable links, if they are used in related lists
  • Support for Quote and Potential relation fields in the Emails module
  • Fixes in discussion fields; only active users can now be tagged in discussions and the images added to comments will also show in the attached files of the entity
  • Improvements in filters’ checkbox conditions
  • Fixes in filters concerning multi selections and quick filters’ translations
  • Fixes concerning product bundles’ mandatory and default products
  • Fixes in HelpDesk’s Project relation



  • Invoices are now sent using  Maventa’s REST API
  • Support for direct payments (a special part of Finnish consumer e-invoicing process). Receiver notification must be done separately.


Procountor Connector

  • Support for the fields Delivery start and Delivery end
  • A logic to prevent creating of duplicate invoices in Procountor


Alma Connector

  • Fixed a possible error while doing a site refresh in the user interface


Posti OTS

  • Performance improvements


WooCommerce Connector

  • Fixes in Sales Order handling under exceptional situations



  • Enabled a Project relation in the HelpDesk module
  • Support for tags in Open external link module tools


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