Work Hour Reporting

Reporting the Working Hours in the CRM

The work hour reporting is done for the projects that the user is linked to. Because of this, there needs to be a project to which the hours are reported to. This guide will first go through how to create a project and link users to it and then how the work hours are reported.

Creating a New Project

A new project is created in the Projects module by clicking the Create Project button . You need to determine at least the Project Name and Assigned to fields to create the project (the picture below shows a part of the project’s information). In addition, it is recommended to consider filling in the following information as well:

  • The Status of the Project
  • Billing information: in the Account name field you determine the billed account – in the working hours’ case it is the employer of the user
  • Main project information: the time period of the project can be determined in the fields Start Date and End Date.

The working hours are reported by work tasks, “jobs”. These jobs are determined in the last section of the project. To do that, the jobs must be created as products in the Products module. In the picture below, the jobs as products (Working hours, Sick leave, Vacation) are highlighted.

NB! Make sure, that in the product’s information the field Usage Unit is set to “hours” (see the picture below).

You can add a new job by clicking the Add job button . Fill in at least the field Name and make a link to a correct Product. When the project has all the information and jobs needed, click Save.

Linking Staff to the Project

When there is a project with determined jobs, you can link users to it. This is done in the Staff and relations tab of the project, where you can add an employee to the Project staff list by clicking the Add button  (see the picture below). Select the correct users in the list, determine their roles and click Select.

The jobs need to be determined to each of the users linked to the project by clicking the Add button  in the Assignments column.

Reporting the Working Hours

When the project and jobs have been created and the user is linked to the project, the user can add widgets for work hour reporting and the summary of working hours (not mandatory, but often useful) to his/her home page. The widgets are added by clicking the Add button  on the home page and selecting Time tracking and Summary (see picture below). Name the widgets as you wish.

NB. The time tracking widget can also be used for reporting commuting expenses. The reporting is done as easily as reporting the hours, but the feature requires some settings to work. These can be done by admins, see the guide Travelling Expense Approval.

When the widget for time tracking is has been created (see the picture below), you can add a project to it by selecting it in the picklist and clicking the Add to favourites button . You can add as many projects as needed.

You can report the working hours of a certain day by clicking the hours in the right day’s column and on the project’s row. A new window opens up (see the picture below) and you can then fill in the hours by work tasks – the work tasks added to the user are shown in the list. The decimal separator is a dot (.).

After this, the reported hours are shown in the summary widget (see the picture below). If the hours do not show correctly in the widgets, try refreshing them using the Refresh button in the top right corner of the widget. If this does not help, make sure that the Usage Unit of the product (job) is set to “hours” (see instructions above in the section Creating a new project).

If the user has target hours in their preferences, the summary’s field “Difference” shows the difference between the targeted and the accumulated hours. The user can determine their personal target hours in My preferences (and an admin can determine the hours of any user in Settings → Users) by filling in the hours in the field Daily hours.

In the picture below for instance, the user has 7,5 daily working hours. The user will then have target hours of 7,5 hours for each weekday and the summary on the user’s home page will show a sum of these target hours.

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