Creating and Editing Events

This guide is about events. For information about activities and the Calendar module in general, see the guide Activities.

There are different ways to create a new event, depending on your settings and needs. You can choose to create the event in the following ways:

  • In the Calendar module (always an option, more information further below)
  • In the Activities section on the More information tab of an entity (e.g. account, contact, lead), where you’ll click the New Event button (available only, if the related list Activities is activated for the module in question. For more information, see the guide Related Lists)
  • In a calendar widget on the your own home page, where you’ll click the Add button  (available only, if you have added some calendar widget to your home page. For more information, see the guide Home Page Reports)

In the Calendar module, you can create a new event by clicking the Add button . A picklist appears under the button and you can select a suitable activity type (see the picture below). Only the option Task is a little different – instead of an event, this option will create a task, which does not reserve a time frame in the calendar (for more information, see the guide Tasks).

You can determine the following information:

  • Activity Type (the same picklist as the one appearing below the adding button).
  • Is the event Public: a public event is visible for people who have read-only access to your calendar, which is defined via sharing button  (in the calendar view).
  • Subject (title).
  • The event’s Description, Location, Priority and Status.
  • Start Date & Time and End Date & Time. The calendar buttons next to the date fields can be used to pick the right date.
  • Assignee.
  • In the Custom Information section, you can determine the following, if needed:
    • Wallet Share Area (a certain business area).
    • Links to a relevant Campaign and/or Project.
  • The Hold followup on section is shown only when the status of the event is Held. When the checkbox is checked and the starting and ending times are determined, the system will create a “followup” event in addition to the original one. The followup will be saved with Planned status and on the time given, but otherwise all the information is copied from the original event.
  • On the Related To tab it is possible to link the event to Accounts, Contacts or Potentials.
  • On Invited Users tab it is possible to select the users you want to invite to the event.
  • On Reminder tab you can define the time the CRM reminder is sent.
  • If you want to repeat the event, select Repeat tab and click Enable Repeat.

NB. The field Send Notification will be removed shortly and it can not be used to send notifications. It is recommended that an admin would hide this field in the layout editor of the Calendar module if it is visible.

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