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User Guide

Home Page Charts

Home Page Charts Introduction With the CRM home page’s Chart elements, you can create graphical (or in table format) reports on the user’s home page. The charts have extensive setting…

User Guide


charts. — Pie Chart Creating pie charts. — Table Creating tables. — Targets / Forecasts Creating target/forecast charts. — Stacked Chart Creating stacked charts. Home Page Reports Creating personal home…

Admin Guide

Home Page Dashboard Settings

…be included in the reporting. Quote charts – Determine the reported quote states and select wanted plan types. Potential charts – Determine the reported potential states and select wanted plan…

Update Release Notes

2023-1 January Release Notes

…their own dialog – Filter name is now mandatory Project work hours on frontpage widget are not sorted by alphabetical order Project module support to frontpage charts; The main level…

Update Release Notes

5-2022, May Release Notes

charts in all chart types. The element for work hour reporting has been improved to expand the area primarily for the projects name if the width of the element is…

Update Release Notes

8-2022, August Release Notes

…in mobile scalability while the device is used horizontally Fixes in home page charts’ drill down E-Sign Billing company’s information can now be updated to Scrive in E-Sign Settings Invoicing…

Update Release Notes

9-2022, September Release Notes

…automated access control Invoice date in the mass events’ invoicing function can now be edited Row fields now available for use in filters and charts URL fields now support the…

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