Custom Row-Level Fields

Custom Row-Level Fields

The system has four modules that contain row-level data. These modules are Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Invoice. The row level contains basically only standard column fields of the system, but it is also possible to create new custom fields for the rows depending on the need.

Creation and Maintenance

Row-level fields are created in SettingsInventory row fields

A new field is created through the Add Field button located at the right corner of the page. The field needs to be given a name (the name will be visible on the row level to users) and a field type selected. This should be chosen carefully, because the field type can no longer be changed after creation. If there is need to change the field type, a new field must be created for this purpose.

In addition, it is possible to select whether the field can be edited by the user (on row level) or whether it is only displayed to the user in “read only” format (the user is not able to edit the content of the field).

The Copy from popup selection opens up a picklist of some selected fields of the product selection popup window. The data of the selected popup window will be copied to the custom field once the product is added to the row.

In order to make the generated field available in one or more row-level module, it must also be activated in the Additional Settings: Settings -> Additional Settings -> Row-Level Functions (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices).

For each field it can be manually selected in which of the four row-level modules it should be visible.

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