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User Guide

Complete Guide to Work Hour Reporting

General Work hour reporting is a process that utilizes few functions to provide easy to use reporting system. In this guide, we provide all the needed parts in one instruction page. This covers how to use specific parts of the system when doing work hour reporting. You can always find out more about the specific […]

Admin Guide

Travelling Expense Approval

Travelling Expense Approval An employee can inform their commuting expenses by the project in the Time tracking home page widget. The products linked to commuting expenses are determined in the system settings. When an employee has made a travelling expense entry, the manager of the employee will receive a notification on their home page. If […]

User Guide

Widgets: Work hour reporting

General Users can add widgets to their system’s front page and two of those widgets are linked to the work-hour reporting. These widgets are called Workhours and Project hours. Project hours can be used to track worked hours on different projects. Workhours, on the other hand, give the person a summary of tracked work hours […]

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