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Home Page Widgets

General Widgets can be used to quickly access and view specific elements of the system like the calendar, work week, and the sales funnel. Start Widgets are generally easy to use. Some will require only the specific name user wants the widget to be displayed, while some need other information to be filled in. Quick […]

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General The Whiteboard planner is a Kanban view that can be added to the homepage. With Whiteboard the user can drag and drop entities added to the Whiteboard from one of the modules to arrange them according to their choice. A whiteboard is added to the homepage in the same way as other widgets on […]

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Widgets: Work hour reporting

General Users can add widgets to their system’s front page and two of those widgets are linked to the work-hour reporting. These widgets are called Workhours and Project hours. Project hours can be used to track worked hours on different projects. Workhours, on the other hand, give the person a summary of tracked work hours […]

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