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Set up new email sending addresses

General The default system email address is By adjusting settings, it is possible to add other addresses that will appear in the picklist using the friendly name you give them when setting up the address.  Please note that different email services will show the sender differently. So depending on which program the email is […]

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Surveys – Setting up a new survey

General In the surveys module, it is possible to create different surveys that can be sent to users via email or during mass event registrations. This guide explains all parts of a survey in general terms, from creating a survey to introducing the parts of the editor. Instructions for surveys made specifically for mass events […]

Admin Guide

What SPF, DKIM and DMARC mean to your emails?

General Email is one of the most important communication tools for organizations and companies. However, because of the large number of spam and phishing attacks, the ability to identify the sender is extremely important. One way of doing this is the usage of common email authentication protocols SPF, DKIM and DMARC. SPF The Sender Policy […]

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WordPress Plug-in

WordPress Plug-in – Configuration and Use Introduction CRM-service offers a free-to-use WordPress plug-in, or connector, with which the information received through WordPress site forms can be automatically saved in the CRM as well. You can use the forms to create new leads or potentials, which can be used instantly in your sales, support or marketing pipelines. […]

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General Workflows can be used to automatize several actions in modules. Workflows are triggered by changes made in the target module’s fields – e.g. when a potential’s stage is changed to ‘won’ or when a customer’s assigned user has been changed. When triggered, the workflow can for instance send email, create an activity, run a […]

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