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Contact Center

Contact Center – Super Transfer

General The super transfer is the call forwarding system in the Contact Center. Using this feature, agents can easily forward calls inside and outside the system. We are offering two ways to forward calls. Two ways are called the blind transfer and the accompanying transfer. The main difference between these two ways is that in […]

Admin Guide

Formatted Text Area

General Formatted Text Area is designed to give the user more freedom to format the text in the Description fields. You can activate this option from the Layout Editor, where these settings are located at the bottom of the page. Start How to use Formatted Text Area After activation you can format the text in […]

Admin Guide

Mail Scanner

Configuring and Using the Mail Scanner The Mail Scanner function can be used to create trouble tickets to CRM from the received emails of a certain email account. With scanner conditions and actions, it is possible to identify the emails that should be scanned and perform the right actions to create the tickets. When the […]

New & Updated Guides

Mass Invoicing

General These are instructions for using Mass Invoicing after the admin has enabled the settings required for Mass invoicing. To find out how to set up the Mass Invoicing, see the instructions here. Mass invoicing can be used to create similar invoices at once for a selected group of customers (accounts or contacts). In this context, Accounts […]

User Guide

Sales Orders

In the Sales Orders, you can create new Sales Orders or create invoice templates for Mass Invoicing. Here are the explanations for some of the most common fields used in Sales Orders: Status – The status of the template will also determine the initial status of the invoices. Due date – The due date for […]

Admin Guide

Setting up Mass Invoicing

General Mass Invoicing is an action that can be used to create similar invoices at once for a selected group, either as a one-time invoice or recurring invoicing. These instructions are only for setting up the Mass Invoicing action, and separate instructions on how to use Mass Invoicing can be found here. Setup Admin user […]

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