Custom Routing of Network Traffic to CRM-service

As like any web-based software, CRM-service is also accessed via your dedicated domain name, eg. This address is then translated into a series of IP-addresses (one or more) so your computer then knows where to connect on the internet to find the given web application.

These IP-addresses are subject to change at any point and the flow of traffic is controlled by the DNS-servers.

If you need to restrict the access to CRM-service using the IP access restrictions in the system and need to route client traffic to CRM-service via a single gateway, it’s recommended to

  1. Route all network traffic via the gateway or
  2. Use an HTTP-level proxy to route the DNS name of your CRM-service instance via the getaway

If neither one of the above configurations is possible in your network environment and the routing has to be done at the IP-level, then the routing rules must be automatically kept up-to-date with the resolved addresses from the authoritative DNS servers of your dedicated CRM-service domain name. This routing must respect the Time-To-Live (TTL) of the DNS response and must be updated in the phase of the TTL. A setup like this can get quite complicated and it’s not recommended.

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