Mass editing


With mass editing, you can edit multiple fields simultaneously. The mass edit option is found in the chosen CRM modules’ top right corner. By default, all the modules in CRM are mass editable.

The following field types are editable with mass editing:

  • Checklists
  • Checkboxes
  • Date fields

In addition, with admin credentials (main users), the Responsibility fields are also mass editable. The mass editing tool will only show the fields that can be mass edited.

Mass editable fields are the fields that are active in the chosen filter. In addition, mass editing operates view-by-view basis, i.e. if only 10 records are displayed in the filter list, mass editing will only work for these 10 records. The view can be expanded from the Records on-page menu (10, 50, 100) at the bottom of the list. This means that the maximum number of records that can be mass edited at the same time is 100.

In the administrator settings, you can add/delete the possibility to mass edit on a per-module basis. The option to mass edit is therefore made possible per profile. This will remove the possibility of mass editing for desired profiles.

Settings are found under Settings -> Profiles -> Profile privileges:

Profile privilege settings are found under tools

Example of mass editing

Select the filter, which you want to be the base for the mass edit Select all records, or only a part, using the checkbox at the beginning of the record Select Mass edit, and activate the fields you want to mass edit Save the edit by selecting Save

Mass editing
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