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Managing Activities Introduction The activities are managed and created in the Calendar module. The default view of the module is shown in the picture below; if your calendar does not…

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Outlook Add-In Setup

CRM. Calendar section: Enable automatic calendar synchronization: the calendar synchronizing is done automatically. If you are logged in to the Outlook add-in, synchronizing will happen approximately in 5 seconds from…

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button (available only, if you have added some calendar widget to your home page. For more information, see the guide Home Page Reports) In the Calendar module, you can create…

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Outlook Add-in for users

…the CRM calendar as an activity (see the pircture below). The activity can be edited later on either of the calendars and synchronizing to the other calendar will happen (or…

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Mobile Version of CRM

…The Calendar Module In the Calendar module you can create new activities for your own calendar. The picture below shows the view of the Calendar module. In this view there…

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Calendar Synchronization Activating a calendar synchronization between the CRM and Google Calendar. Outlook Add-in for Users Using the Outlook Add-in for synchronizing calendars and emails between the CRM and Outlook….

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Tasks This guide is about tasks/to dos. For information about activities and the Calendar module in general, see the guide Activities. A task denotes a to do-typed entry, which is…

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Mobile Settings

…to make several clicks to get the wanted result. In the Calendar settings section you can for example change the colour coding of the activities shown in the mobile calendar

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Home Page Dashboard Settings

…notification about it. User and Space Calendar Settings In these two sections, it is possible to set a time frame for events that are shown in the user’s calendars or…

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Home Page Chart: Table

…and other limitations for the reported data. There are following options for the Time range: Current year – a full calendar year. Previous year – the previous full calendar year….

General Terms

…acting as the distributor of the Service will charge the Customer for the Service. The billing period is one calendar month or a quarter, depending on the Agreement. The price…

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Scheduled Tasks

…and/or automatically create activities concerning the target group to your calendar. You can also use a scheduled task to schedule in advance a mass edit for a certain target group….

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Home Page Charts: Pie

…for the reported data. There are following options for the Time range: Current year – a full calendar year. Previous year – the previous full calendar year. Time span –…

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Home Page Notifications

Home Page Notifications Introduction In addition to all kinds of home page widgets, reports and calendars, you can also have notifications on your own home page. Notifications are personal and…

Service Security Overview

…Outlook, Microsoft AD and Google Calendar. Access to CRM data. In CRM-service system the user permissions to CRM-service data content is defined through user profiles and roles. The profiles and…

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Downloading the Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-in With the CRM-service Outlook Add-in it is possible to synchronize an Outlook account with a CRM account. The elements that can be synchronized are calendar activities and e-mails…

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