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Technical Guide

File Size Limits in CRM-service

File Size Limits in CRM-service The file size limits for the attached files are the following: When attached directly to a related list: 25 MB When using a Web Service API: 25 MB When attaching images or other files to emails in Email Contacting Portal: 5 MB When using Outlook Add-in: 6 MB.

Technical Guide

Integrating Web Services

Web Services Introduction CRM-service provides open REST and SOAP interfaces for creating integrations between the CRM and third party applications. For more information about the interfaces and instructions for accessing their up-to-date documentation, see the following guides: The SOAP Interface The REST Interface CIWS Libraries There are CIWS libraries for using SOAP and REST interfaces. […]

Technical Guide

The REST Interface

The REST Interface Introduction Implementing integrations between CRM-service and third party applications is simpler and more versatile than ever before with our new REST interface, alongside with the existing SOAP interface. The REST interface can be used for reading and writing data. Testing the REST Interface Each CRM-service instance has its own test interface for developers […]

Technical Guide

The SOAP Interface

The SOAP Interface Introduction SOAP is a part of the CRM-service’s open Web Service interfaces. This document provides a technical overview to developers for integrating third party applications with CRM-service. The latest specifications and service descriptions are available in our online documentation: https://<Your CRM-service-url>/CrmIntegrationWebservice/ If you are not familiar with SOAP based Web Services it […]

Admin Guide

Web Service API Keys

Managing Web Service API Keys The CRM-service API keys allow and enable the integration of external services with the CRM. The API keys are managed in Settings → Webservice API keys. In the API keys’ settings you can create new, delete unused and lock existing API keys and determine key-specific permissions to the web service methods. Creating a New […]

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