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User Guide


Managing Activities Introduction The activities are managed and created in the Calendar module.  The default view of the module is shown in the picture below; if your calendar does not look like this, it can be changed in Settings → Additional Settings by disabling the “Enable Calendar Tab” option in Calendar settings section in editing mode. This can be done […]

Admin Guide

Mobile Settings

Adjusting the Mobile Interface The settings of the mobile version of the CRM system can be examined and edited in Settings → under the Other Settings Mobile settings. The picture below shows the settings of the mobile version that can be edited. When changes are made, remember to click the Save button at the top right […]

User Guide

Mobile Version of CRM

Using the Mobile Version of CRM Introduction The mobile version of the CRM system is only available if it is activated for the company. You can access the mobile version from the browser of of your mobile device, using your company’s CRM internet address and replacing the .com or .fi extension with .mobi (for example or […]

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