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Automatic Deletion of Mass Event’s Survey Answers

Introduction It is convenient to gather all the needed information for organizing an event from the participants with a registration survey. The collected data might however include information, that should not – or based on GDPR, is not allowed to – be kept in the CRM. The mass events have an action for scheduling an […]

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Invoicing Mass Events

General The mass events module enables users to create multiple different types of events, which naturally also means that sometimes those events have invoiceable items, like entrance or lunch fees. It is also possible that the main event is free, but the event has sub-events with separate charges. The mass events module provides users with […]

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Mass Event Surveys

Introduction A person registering to a mass event, can be presented with a registration form, that can be used to collect all the needed information from each registrated person right away. The registration form is unique for each mass event, so the questions and types of questions can be alternated when needed. If registrations are […]

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Mass event triggers

Work in progress to translate Yleistä Massatapahtumien triggereillä voidaan hallita tapahtumaan liittyvää automaattista sähköpostiviestintää osallistujille sekä henkilöstöön merkityille kontakteille. Tyypillisimpiä triggereitä ovat osallistujille lähetettävät ilmoittautumisvahvistukset sekä muistutus tapahtumasta muutamaa päivää ennen tapahtuman alkua. Tässä ohjeessa kuvataan esimerkit edellä mainituista tapauksista. Triggereitä voi olla useita per massatapahtuma, ja tarvittaessa niitä on mahdollista määritellä erikseen osallistujien tai […]

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Mass Events

CRM-service provides a tool for event management called Mass Events. The tool is used in cooperation with contacts (the attendees), surveys, e-mail templates, and invoices. Custom fields, dynamic fields, formulas, workflows, reports, etc standard functionalities applies also to the mass-event module. Registration form is available in the following types: Form in Self-Service Portal for registered […]

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