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User Guide

ECP: Emails and Email Templates

Emails and Email Templates Introduction In the ECP (Email Contact Portal), all the functions and content are focused on the email to be sent. It is not clever to start each email from scratch: instead, it is recommended to create email templates, which make writing emails much faster and make sure that the same style […]

User Guide

ECP: Surveys

Surveys Introduction In the Email Contact Portal (ECP), you can create surveys which will be sent to the recipient along with the email, so that the survey can be accessed through a link in the email. The possibilities of the emails are numerous: with them, you can e.g. ask for feedback, learn more about customer […]

Admin Guide

Email Contact Portal Admin Settings

Admin Settings in Email Contact Portal (ECP) In the admin settings of the Email Contact Portal, you can manage the following settings, among others: ECP users List types Web tracking Site settings Email sender addresses Licences. The admin settings can be found at the right edge of the top menu in the Settings section. Users In the Users’ […]

Technical Guide

File Size Limits in CRM-service

File Size Limits in CRM-service The file size limits for the attached files are the following: When attached directly to a related list: 25 MB When using a Web Service API: 25 MB When attaching images or other files to emails in Email Contacting Portal: 5 MB When using Outlook Add-in: 6 MB.

Admin Guide

List Types in ECP

Managing List Types in ECP Introduction The list types in ECP denote email unsubscription lists. Each of the target group imported into the portal is linked to one list type, depending on the email that will be sent to the group. This enables the contact to unsubscribe from e.g. marketing emails, but at the same time […]

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