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Technical Guide

CRM-service CIWS Library for SOAP

CRM-service CIWS Library for SOAP CRM-service CIWS is a client library, used as an easy access interface for CIWS API. To use the CIWS API you’ll need a specific API-key for your CRM-service instance. Requirements .NET Framework 4.5 or later CrmManager Namespace: CRMservice.ciws.Manager Namespace: CRMservice.ciws.Manager.Default CrmManager is used for accessing webservices. You can make a […]

Technical Guide

Integrating Web Services

Web Services Introduction CRM-service provides open REST and SOAP interfaces for creating integrations between the CRM and third party applications. For more information about the interfaces and instructions for accessing their up-to-date documentation, see the following guides: The SOAP Interface The REST Interface CIWS Libraries There are CIWS libraries for using SOAP and REST interfaces. […]

Admin Guide

Web Service API Keys

Managing Web Service API Keys The CRM-service API keys allow and enable the integration of external services with the CRM. The API keys are managed in Settings → Webservice API keys. In the API keys’ settings you can create new, delete unused and lock existing API keys and determine key-specific permissions to the web service methods. Creating a New […]

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