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Editing and Dividing the More Information Tab

Editing and Dividing the More Information Tab Introduction Every entity in every module in the CRM has a More Information tab. By default, this tab shows information about other modules’ entities that are linked to the particular entity: for instance the More Information tab of an account could show all the invoices (and contacts, activities, etc.) […]

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Related Lists

Related Lists Introduction The More Information tabs in each module have permanent default views, which show information related to the entity. Even though these views are handy, they might not always show the right things from the right perspective: a permanent view could e.g. show all the activities of the contact, but the need might be […]

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Reporting Contact Center Data in CRM

Reporting Call Results in CRM In addition to the numeric reports in the portal, the results of the calls performed in Contact Center and Contact Portal can also be reported in CRM. This can be done with the report generator and with related lists on the More Information tabs of Accounts, Contacts and Campaigns. Report […]

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Sales Organization Access

Managing Sales Organization Access Sales organization permissions are applied to Custom reports and Business Intelligence reports. Sales organization permissions can be created in Settings → Sales Organization Access. The users are listed in the view by sales groups; you can search for a certain by selecting a sales group and if wanted, a text to search. If […]

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