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The Discussion Tool The discussion tool is a way to make the company’s internal information flow about the entities smoother. The comments on the discussion are visible only in the CRM and to those users that have a permission to see the entity in the first place. You can also mention another user in a […]

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Mass event triggers

Work in progress to translate Yleistä Massatapahtumien triggereillä voidaan hallita tapahtumaan liittyvää automaattista sähköpostiviestintää osallistujille sekä henkilöstöön merkityille kontakteille. Tyypillisimpiä triggereitä ovat osallistujille lähetettävät ilmoittautumisvahvistukset sekä muistutus tapahtumasta muutamaa päivää ennen tapahtuman alkua. Tässä ohjeessa kuvataan esimerkit edellä mainituista tapauksista. Triggereitä voi olla useita per massatapahtuma, ja tarvittaessa niitä on mahdollista määritellä erikseen osallistujien tai […]

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Outlook Add-in for users

Outlook Add-in user guide Before the Outlook Add-in can be used, it needs to be activated by an admin user (instructions: Outlook Add-In Setup). The Add-in is managed on the Add-ins tab in Outlook. On the Add-ins tab, there are buttons for i.a. logging in and out, manual synchronizing and settings (see the picture below). Appointments […]

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Recurring Invoicing

Creating Recurring Invoicing for Sales Orders Introduction It is possible to create recurring invoicing for sales orders. With this function, you can bill automatically the same customer for the same products or services e.g. monthly or annually. The invoices in recurring invoicing are formed retroactively, which means that the invoice is always generated at the end […]

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Sending Text Messages to Target Groups

Sending Text Messages to Target Group’s Contacts The function to send text messages can be separately activated in the CRM. Text messages are always sent to target groups and the contacts in them – the phone numbers of the accounts therefore can not be used as recipients. When the recipients have been created as a […]

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Stock Tracking

Stock Tracking Introduction It is possible to keep track of the quantity of your products by setting them stock tracked. When stock tracking is activated for a product, purchase orders will increase and sales orders decrease the amount of the product in stock. You can also for example have the CRM system notify the vendor […]

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