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Managing Activities Introduction The activities are managed and created in the Calendar module.  The default view of the module is shown in the picture below; if your calendar does not look like this, it can be changed in Settings → Additional Settings by disabling the “Enable Calendar Tab” option in Calendar settings section in editing mode. This can be done […]

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Activity Points

Activity Points Introduction Activities (events and tasks) have a permanent field for activity points. Activity points can be used for e.g. following the results and efficiency of sales people or other employees, or as a base for bonus calculation. The users get activity points from different activities by pre-defined logic. It is always the activity’s […]

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Creating Activities for a User with Target Groups

Creating Activities with Target Groups Introduction You can create activities in mass for the assignee of the accounts or contacts in a target group, or some other CRM user. These activities automatically have a link to the contacts or accounts in the target group, and they could concern e.g. a call campaign. You can either create […]

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Creating and Editing Events This guide is about events. For information about activities and the Calendar module in general, see the guide Activities. There are different ways to create a new event, depending on your settings and needs. You can choose to create the event in the following ways: In the Calendar module (always an […]

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Mobile Version of CRM

Using the Mobile Version of CRM Introduction The mobile version of the CRM system is only available if it is activated for the company. You can access the mobile version from the browser of of your mobile device, using your company’s CRM internet address and replacing the .com or .fi extension with .mobi (for example or […]

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Outlook Add-in for users

Outlook Add-in user guide Before the Outlook Add-in can be used, it needs to be activated by an admin user (instructions: Outlook Add-In Setup). The Add-in is managed on the Add-ins tab in Outlook. On the Add-ins tab, there are buttons for i.a. logging in and out, manual synchronizing and settings (see the picture below). Appointments […]

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Tasks This guide is about tasks/to dos. For information about activities and the Calendar module in general, see the guide Activities. A task denotes a to do-typed entry, which is handy to use to write down jobs and tasks that have not been precisely scheduled (apart from a due date). If you need to reserve […]

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