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Automatic Emails

Automatic Emails From the CRM In CRM it is possible send automatic emails based on email templates to predetermined target groups. The emails can also have online surveys (Q&As) linked to them to gather important information regarding e.g. a campaign or event. There are two ways to send and automate emails: The email is sent based […]

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Automatically Updating Email Campaigns

Introduction Workflows “Add contact to campaign” and “Remove contact from campaign” can be used to automate the update of the campaigns content. This is especially useful with email campaigns – with these workflows, you can automatically include or remove the contact from an email campaign based on the contacts information, so you do not need […]

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Q&A Templates

Q&A Templates  With the survey templates attached to an email it is possible to gather information from the contacts regarding e.g. a campaign or an invitation event. For more information about linking the QA template to an email and sending and automating the emails, see the guide Automatic Emails. Creating and editing the QA templates […]

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Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks With scheduled tasks it is possible to automatize the use of target groups. You can for example set a target group to update automatically at certain time intervals and/or automatically create activities concerning the target group to your calendar. You can also use a scheduled task to schedule in advance a mass edit for a certain […]

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Scheduling Target Group Activities

Target Group Activities’ Settings and Scheduling Them Introduction You can create activities in mass for the assignee of the accounts or contacts in a target group, or some other CRM user. These activities automatically have a link to the contacts or accounts in the target group. Activities like these could concern e.g. a call campaign: the user […]

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Setting Up Activity Points

Setting Up Activity Points Introduction Activities (events and tasks) have a permanent field for activity points. Activity points can be used for e.g. following the results and efficiency of sales people or other employees, or as a base for bonus calculation. The users get activity points from different activities by pre-defined logic. It is always […]

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Setting Up the Module Tool for Sending Individual Emails

Introduction The module tool CRM2 Send email enables sending email templates in the new interface to individual contacts. You can also include a document template and/or static files from the Files module to be sent as attachments to the email. The tool can be activated for the Contacts module and any module that has a […]

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System Messages

System Messages You can manage function-specific automatic email messages sent by the system in Settings → System Messages. In Sending options, the sending time and dates, sender name and the email address(es) of the sender and recipient(s) are determined (see the picture below). In the section below, the you can activate or disable preconfigured system messages. The […]

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Workflows Introduction Workflows can be used to automatize several actions in modules. Workflows are triggered by changes made in the target module’s fields – e.g. when a potential’s stage is changed to ‘won’ or when a customer’s assigned user has been changed. When triggered, the workflow can for instance send email, create an activity, run […]

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