Web Tracking

Web Tracking

With the Web Tracking function it is possible to track the visits of CRM contacts on the company’s website. The tracking makes notes about who has visited the website and how often, and if he/she returns to certain pages. Web Tracking is a tool for enhancing customer care experience and it can be used for making e.g. direct sales, advertising and customer support better.

To enable the tracking, a script is added to the source code of the web page and it gathers information on the visitors that can be identified as CRM contacts by their email address. The script is managed by an admin in the Email Contact Portal (ECP).

The tracking data can be accessed contact by contact on the contact’s Web Tracking tab (see the picture below).

It is also possible to create a report on the tracking data by webpage or website with the home page report Web Tracking. This report shows all the visits of the identified contacts from the determined time period (see the picture below). It can also be determined, whether all the visits on the website are shown or only the visits on a certain page.

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