User Preferences

User Preferences


Each user has personal settings, which include information about the user’s identity (e.g. username, password, name, email address…), system access (e.g. role, sales organization information…) and preferences (e.g. sections shown on the home page, default formats…). The user-specific access rights can only be edited by an admin, but the users can adjust many other settings themselves in My preferences.

Adjusting the Settings

You can manage and edit your own user settings anytime by clicking the My preferences link at the top right corner of the system (see the picture below).

In the main view of the settings, the you can see their information and edit the ones that you are allowed to change by clicking the Edit button.

You can change your password in the main view with the Change Password button (see the picture below).

The only mandatory fields are email, last name and role. Though it is recommended to fill in other information as well: e.g. your name, title, phone numbers, etc. can be used when sending email. Also, your daily hours are needed in work hour reporting (for more information, see Work Hour Reporting).

You can change some default presentation formats (e.g. for dates) and enable or disable certain default views or the tag cloud for your home page (see the picture below).

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