This guide is about tasks/to dos. For information about activities and the Calendar module in general, see the guide Activities.

A task denotes a to do-typed entry, which is handy to use to write down jobs and tasks that have not been precisely scheduled (apart from a due date). If you need to reserve a certain time for the activity, it is better to use events (see the guide Events).

Creating and Editing Tasks

There are different ways to create a new task, depending on your settings and needs. You can choose to create the task in the following ways:

  • In the Calendar module (always an option, more information further below)
  • In the Activities section on the More information tab of an entity (e.g. account, contact, lead), where you’ll click the New To Do button (available only, if the related list Activities is activated for the module in question. For more information, see the guide Related Lists)
  • In a calendar widget on your own home page, where you’ll click the Add button  (available only, if you have added some calendar widget to your home page. For more information, see the guide Home Page Reports)

Regardless of the way the task is created, you will always provide the same information. If the activity type Task is not available, an admin user can add it (see more information further below in the section Adding the Task activity type).

In the Calendar module, you can create a new task by clicking the Add button  and selecting the Task option in the appearing picklist. You can determine the following information:

  • Subject (title)
  • Fill in DescriptionPriority and Status
  • Fill in the Start Date & Time and Due Date
  • Select to whom the task is Assigned To.
  • You can link a related account, contact, potential etc. to the task on the Related To tab.

NB. The field Send Notification will be removed shortly and it can not be used to send notifications. It is recommended that an admin would hide this field in the layout editor of the Calendar module if it is visible.

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