Setting Up Activity Points

Setting Up Activity Points


Activities (events and tasks) have a permanent field for activity points. Activity points can be used for e.g. following the results and efficiency of sales people or other employees, or as a base for bonus calculation. The users get activity points from different activities by pre-defined logic. It is always the activity’s assignee who is rewarded with points.

You can set weekly goals for activities for each user, and they can be reported side by side with realized activities and activity points on the home page.

Determining the Logic for Points

The users get activity points based on the value in the Activity Points field on each activity.

In the case of systematic activity point calculation, it is highly recommended that the points are calculated and set automatically with a dynamic formula. This way it is easy to make sure, that the activities always have the right amount of points.

Below, there is an example case of how the activity points should work and how the logic is put into use with a dynamic formula. For more information about dynamic formulas, seeĀ Dynamic Field Formulas.

Example Formula for Activity Point Calculation

In this example, the goal is to create a formula for the activities’ field Activity Points, which would work the following way:

  • A Meeting-typed activity is rewarded with 5 points.
  • A Call-typed activity is rewarded with 3 points.
  • Other activity types are rewarded with 0 points.
  • The points for meetings and calls are calculated only if the activities have the status “Held”.

For this need, the following formula can be used:

{if $activitytype=='Meeting' && $eventstatus=='Held'}5{elseif $activitytype=='Call' && $eventstatus=='Held'}3{else}0{/if}

When the formula above has been created and activated, the activity points will be set automatically for the activities (see the picture below).

Setting Targets for Activities

You can set weekly goals for activities for each user, and these can be followed and compared with the realized activities and activity points by the user or by the company management. You can set weekly goals for a year at once, or for a part of a year (quarterly).

Targets are set on the Targets side of the Plans module. For more information, seeĀ Setting Targets for Activities.

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