Setting Targets for Activities

Setting Targets for Activities


Activities, like calls, meetings or tasks, can have weekly user-specific targets, that both the users themselves and the company management can report and compare with realized activities and activity points (for more information, see Activity Points). You can set targets for either the number of the activities or the activity points per week.

The weekly targets can be set for the whole year at once, or for only a part of the year (on quarter level). To set targets for a user, the user must belong to a sales group.

Setting Targets

Targets are set on the Targets side of the Plans module.

You can create a new target by clicking the Create target button  and selecting the value “Sales Targets (sg + person + activity / week)” in the field Plan Type. You will also need to fill in the following fields:

  • Plan name
  • (Plan Area does not have a role in activity targets)
  • Valid – The year and its quarters, for which the targets are set. The time period must be continuous (e.g. you can’t select only Q1 and Q3; you should make separate targets for these quarters).
  • Sales Groups – The sales group(s) whose users the targets are set for.
  • Active
  • Plan Users – Users, who can edit the user-specific targets.

When you have saved the target, you can proceed to the Rows tab and set targets for each of the sales group’s users on a weekly basis (see the picture below).

A target is set separately for each of the activity type, whose points will be monitored.

NOTE. The targets can be seen and used in two different ways: the weekly target can either mean the number of the activities or the total of activity points. The meaning of the target must stay uniform at least with the same user. These two different use cases require different reports on the users’ home pages. If the targets mean the number of the activities, you can use the reports “Activities by Week” and “Activities & goals by user”. You can read more about suitable reports for targets that represent the activity point goals in the guide Activity Points.

You don’t need to fill in the target for each week manually: if the targets for one activity type are supposed to be the same for each week, you can write the target for the first week and then copy the target for all the other weeks with the copy button  on the same row.

A single user can be removed from the target with the button before the user name. Removed user can later be restored with the Add button  above the table.

The changes made must always be saved with the Save button.

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