Q&A Templates (legacy use only)

Q&A Templates 

With the survey templates attached to an email it is possible to gather information from the contacts regarding e.g. a campaign or an invitation event. For more information about linking the QA template to an email and sending and automating the emails, see the guide Automatic Emails.

Creating and editing the QA templates is done in SettingsQA templates.

In QA templates’ settings you can either edit an existing QA template or create a new one, depending on the need. A new QA template is created by clicking the Add template button.

The following information is determined for the new template:

  • The Name and Description fields are only used in the CRM, and do not show in the survey itself.
  • The Days valid field determines for how long the survey is active and can be answered. By default the survey is valid for 30 days, starting from the day the email containing the survey is sent. You can make the survey valid for unlimited time by leaving the field empty (though due to information security, it is recommended that the ‘Days valid’ time period is determined – and a month should preferably be the maximum).
  • Is the survey Repeatable so that the same contact can answer the survey several times.
  • Is the survey Active so that the survey can be linked to the email templates.
  • In the Completion message section, you can determine the automatic messages that are shown to the respondent e.g. when the answers are sent or when input validation is unsuccessful.
  • In the Mandatory field message section, you can alter the texts shown on the buttons of the form, if needed.
  • In the CSS section, the CSS-style for the survey is set. With the CSS-style you can make the survey’s look correspond to the company’s other marketing materials and messages.

You can add new questions using the Add question button. The questions are listed in the CSS section in the order they are created, but the order can be changed by dragging the questions. A question can be set mandatory or to read only status. The answers can also be prefilled with the information in the CRM fields of the contact. For example in the picture below, the phone number of the respondent is asked and the field is prefilled with the information in the contact’s field mobile. If the field Update to field is determined as well, the contact’s phone number in the CRM can be updated with the information in the survey field.

If the field that is updated with the input of the survey is a picklist, the picklist values in the CRM must be linked to the answer options in the survey. This is done by writing the CRM picklist value after the answer option. The answer option and the CRM picklist value are separated with a vertical line: |, for example: Monday – Friday|Mon-Fri (see the picture below).

The type of question and the answer are determined in the Type field. The following types are available:

  • Page break: the QA can be divided into multiple pages by adding page breaks between the questions.
  • Info: the field does not include an actual question at all, but it serves as a read only text field. E.g. the instructions.
  • Select: the question is answered with predefined options. The options are separted with line break (e.g. see the picture above).
  • Multiselect: works the same way as select, but multiple options can be chosen.
  • Text: one line area for writing short answers.
  • Number: the field accepts only numbers.
  • Textarea: a larger text area for longer answers.
  • Checkbox: an option for yes/no questions.

If the question type is either select or multiselect, the system can be set to recognize certain answers and then send an automatic notification to the assignee of the activity, to the closest manager of the assignee’s sales organization (this is set under user settings) or to a custom email address (NB! The notification is sent only to one manager: to the user, which has been marked as the first manager for the sales group, channel or organization). If there are multiple values that should to trigger the notification, you can write all of these values separated with vertical bars |.

When the template is ready, remember to set the it active and save it. After this you can attach the survey to an email template.

Validating the answers

You can apply validation rules to text, number and text area typed fields to ensure, that the answer is written correctly. This function is very handy especially if a field in CRM is updated with the information provided in the survey field.

The validation rule is selected from the Validation pattern picklist (see the picture below). The picklist has three options for premade rules:

  • E-Mail
  • OVT (EDI, checks the length and the characters used in the e-invoicing address)
  • IBAN (checks whether the bank account is in IBAN format)

In addition to the default rules, it is also made possible to create validation patterns that meet the specific needs of the customer. In that case the validation type selected is “Custom regex” and the validation pattern is written in the Custom regex field (this field is left empty if one of the default rules is used).

If the default rules do not cover the need for validation, we recommend you to contact your system provider or reseller. The language used in the custom rules is Regular Expression and you can also study the language yourself by exploring for instance the following websites: Regular-Expressions.info and Regular Expressions 101.

Tracking the QA answers

When the QA has been sent along with an email to contacts and the contacts have answered it, you can see and track the answers either in contacts or campaigns. The answers of the contact (for different surveys) can be seen on the contact’s More Information tab, in the section Campaign Answers. Respectively, the answers for the QA attached to a campaign can be seen on the campaign’s More Information tab in Campaign Answers or by exporting an Excel table with the QA report function on the campaign card.

In addition to these, the answers can be reported with the report generator by using the source module QA answer, possibly with relations to Contacts and/or Campaigns, depending on the reporting need.

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