Public Registration for Invitation Events

Public Registration for Invitation Events

The Self-Service Portal provides multiple options for gathering registrations for invitation events. For customers who sign in to the portal, you can grant access to browse events and sign up for them, and also to cancel their registration.

On the other hand, the portal also enables you to activate public registration pages where anybody can sign up for the event without signing in to the portal – this includes people, who are not yet contacts in the CRM. This does not mean that a CRM contact could not sign up through the public registration, though. If the email address provided in the registration is found in the CRM, the registration is matched with this contact. If the email is new, a new contact will be created.

Activating the Public Registration Page

A public registration must be activated for an invitation event in the CRM’s Invitation Events module. Public signup is possible, if the checkbox Anonymous Visibility has been activated (see the picture below).

The link to the registration page can be written automatically in a text field with a suitable name, like “Link to public registration” in the picture above. To get the link, you must first create the text field in the layout editor of the Invitation Event module (for more information, see Layout Editor). Then the next step is to write a dynamic field formula for the field in Dynamic Field Formulas (for more information, see Dynamic Field Formulas). The formula should be run on save and look like the following:

{if $anonymous_visibility==1}https://SELF-SERVICE PORTAL'S URL/public/events/{$id}{else} {/if}

NOTE. If anonymous visibility is activated while creating the invitation event, the link cannot be written on the first save. If you enter the edit mode and save the event again, the link will be formed.

Surveys in Public Registrations

Similarly to the registration inside the portal, you can also add a survey for public registration for the customer to answer while signing up. The survey template is created in Settings → QA Templates (for more information, see Q&A Templates) and you can use the template in public registration by selecting the template in Public QA template field. The questions in the survey template are shown after the event’s information on the registration page (see the picture below).

Please note the following things when creating a survey template for public registration:

  • In public registration, there are always mandatory questions for first name, last name and email, whether a survey template is used or not. If you add a survey template, it is not necessary to ask this information again.
  • Prefilling of the fields is not available.


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