Potential Management

Potential Management


CRM-service provides tools to manage the Sales pipeline with the Potentials module. This module can be used to handle all sales phases in the sales pipeline. The sales pipeline phases can be also be processed so that e.g. the Leads module contains marketing phases and the Potentials module sales phases. Therefore there are two options for handling the sales process: you can either drive the whole sales pipe (Lead Generation) process inside the Potentials module or split it into two separate phases (Leads module and Potentials module).

The advantage of using two modules (Leads, Potentials) to drive the sales pipeline is that you don’t have to create companies to the Accounts module for sales cases that are not yet validated to be real sales opportunities. This way you can keep your Accounts and Contacts modules clear from invalid company and person information. You can for instance collect leads with a web form to the Leads module without disturbing Accounts and Contacts modules’ contents.

With module tools, you can make converting leads into potentials happen easily with just a click of a button – or completely automatically by pairing the module tool with a workflow. It is possible to determine, if all the information about the lead is automatically converted, or if some fields can be edited for the new potential. Ask an admin user for more information.

Creating Potentials

New potentials can be created the following ways:

  • In the Potentials module by clicking the Create Potential button
  • By module tools in other CRM modules
  • Through Integrations
  • Worpress plug-in

When you are creating a potential with the first option, you will face a view similar to the one in the picture below.

The only field that is always mandatory for a potential is Potential Name, but it is probably necessary to provide other information as well, concerning e.g. potential’s amount, probability, business area, etc. You can also link an account and contact to the potential.

Reporting Potentials

Potentials can be reported in CRM-service using

  • User-specific front page views
  • The Report Generator
  • The Business Intelligence module (extra monthly fee, please contact us via support portal if you are interested to learn more)
Potential Management
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