Mobile Version of CRM

Using the Mobile Version of CRM


The mobile version of the CRM system is only available if it is activated for the company. You can access the mobile version from the browser of of your mobile device, using your company’s CRM internet address and replacing the .com or .fi extension with .mobi (for example or

The modules Calendar, Contacts and Projects – or just some of these – are available in the mobile version. The picture below shows the main view, where you can select and move to a module by clicking the name of the module. You can log out of the system using the Exit button in the top right corner of the main view.

The Calendar Module

In the Calendar module you can create new activities for your own calendar. The picture below shows the view of the Calendar module. In this view there is a button for creating new events and a listing of your activities for the next seven days.

By clicking the Create button you can create a new activity. When creating a new activity (see the pciture below), at least the fields type, subject, status, date, start and end time need to be determined. When you are done, click the Save button at the top right corner.

The activities can not be deleted or edited in the mobile version – it has to be done in the full version of the system.

The Projects Module

In the Projects module you can enter work hour entries for the projects you are linked to in the CRM (NB! The user linking can only be made in the full version of CRM). To be able to log any work hour entries for a project for the first time, you must first activate the project for the mobile version. This is done by simply clicking the grey button (see the picture below. The button will show a name of some of the projects you’re linked to by default) and selecting the project from the list that appears. After this the project will automatically be listed in Favourites in the future.

When the project is in your Favorites, you can start entering work hour entries by clicking the name of the project (see the picture below). The entries are entered by both the date and the task. By default, the system sets the current date for the entry. The date can be changed using either the arrow buttons before the date field or by opening a calendar view by clicking the calendar button .

You can enter the work hours by first selecting the correct work task and then by determining the hours either by dragging the oval button on the line (max 10 h) or by using the selection tool  next to the hours. There may also be some text fields for the task which you can use for example to further describe the task. When you are done, click the Save button at the top right corner.

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