List Types in ECP

Managing List Types in ECP


The list types in ECP denote email unsubscription lists. Each of the target group imported into the portal is linked to one list type, depending on the email that will be sent to the group. This enables the contact to unsubscribe from e.g. marketing emails, but at the same time stay subscribed to critical information emails.

Every list type has its own landing page, where the email recipient can either unsubscribe or re-subscribe to the emails of that list type. This page is linked to the emails with the Unsubscribe link.

The number of available list types and emails per month depends on the portal licence:

  • The Basic package (included in the basic licence): 2 unsubscription lists and 15 000 emails per month.
  • The Basic Plus package: 2 unsubscription lists and 50 000 emails per month.
  • The Extensive package: 5 unsubscription lists (optional feature) and 500 000 emails per month.

Creating List Types and Managing the Subscription Page

List types are managed in the settings in ECP, in List types.

If the maximum number of list types (2 or 5) has not been exceeded yet, you can create a new list type with the New list type button. The name and the subscription page of an existing list type can be edited by moving the mouse over the list type and clicking the Edit button   that appears next to the list type name.

First, you must determine a suitable name for the list type. Next up is the list type’s subscription page (see the picture below), which will be shown to the recipient of the email, if they click on the email’s Unsubscribe link. The most important thing is that the page has buttons for activating and deactivating the subscription. Your CRM provider will be happy to help with the subscription page. When the subscription page is done, create the list type with Save button.


When the email recipient unsubscribes from the emails of the list type, the recipient’s email address is added to the list type’s unsubscription list. If the same email address later appears in another target group of the same list type (when imported from CRM or CSV), the portal will automatically drop out the address from the target group. Regardless of this process, it is important to update the email opt outs in the CRM as well, so that the information says up to date and the unsubscribed email addresses are not included in the target groups in the first place.

You can see the target groups linked to the list type and the unsubscriptions by clicking the name of the list type. First you will see the List Type tab, which will show all the target groups of the list type.

On the Unsubscriptions tab, you can check the subscription status of a certain email address by using the search field. You can also export an Excel report about all the unsubscriptions of the list type with the Download report button (see the picture below).

The downloaded report about unsubscriptions has two tabs: the first one shows all the active unsubscriptions of the list type and the second one shows all the events on the unsubscription page in more detail.

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