Invitation Events in the Self-Service Portal

Invitation Events in the Self-Service Portal


One of the Self-Service Portal’s possibilities is to let your customers use it for signing up for events and training. The events/training shown in the portal are managed in the Invitation Events module in the CRM. You do not have show all invitation events in the portal, however, but each of the events is activated for the portal separately.

Activating the Invitation Event for the Portal

By default, the portal does not show any invitation events – each event must be activated separately. You can activate events for the portal in the Invitation events module in the CRM. The fields regarding portal visibility are the following:

  • Portal Visibility (see the picture below) – Sets the event active in the portal.
  • Last Registration Date – In addition to the previous one, this field controls the visibility of the event in the portal, since past events are not shown (excluding the user’s own event history).
  • QA Template – You can select a survey template for the customer to answer while signing up for the event. The template can be created by an admin (for more information for the admin, see Q&A Templates).

Information Shown about the Event

The information shown about the event in the portal are mostly predetermined. The following fields are shown by default (see also the picture below):

  • Invitation Event Name
  • Invitation Event No
  • No of Places
  • No of Spare Places
  • Last registration date
  • Last cancellation date
  • Start and End times (determined by the schedules of the event)
  • Description.

Public Signup

The use of the Self-Service Portal enables you to gather registrations for invitation events also on a public web page, so that your customer does not necessarily have log in to sign up. This way signing up is also possible for the people who are not yet contacts in the CRM.

A public signup must be activated for an invitation event in the CRM separately for each event. Public signup is possible, if the checkbox Public Visibility has been activated. Just like with the signup in the portal, you can also select a survey for the customer to answer while signing up via the public signup. You can select this survey from the field Public QA Template.

The link to the signup page can be written automatically in a text field (a suitable name for the field could be e.g. Link to public registration) with a field formula. An admin can create the field and the formula that writes the address (for more information for the admin, see Examples of Dynamic Field Formulas).

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Invitation Events in the Self-Service Portal
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