Home Page Reports

Home Page Reports

You can add small numerical and graphical reports (“widgets”) and tracking reports of followed web domains and sites to your CRM-service home page. New widgets are added with the Add button  on the home page (see the picture below).

You can create versatile charts to your home page with the Charts option – for more information, see the guide Home Page Charts.

The reports can be either private or public – this choice is made when creating the report, as most of the reports have a Share object field (No – private, Yes/Yes (permanently) – public). The widget created has buttons for certain functions at its top right corner. All of the widgets have buttons for refreshing and deleting the widget, and usually there is a widget for editing as well (see the picture below).

The report options are briefly described below.

The Module is a numerical small report of a particular CRM-system part and its information through a selected filter. When adding a module, you determine a title to the report, choose how many lines are shown (1–12) and select a module and a filter. Note that the fields selectable in the Field Fields to show are fields of the filter. You can select a maximum of four fields (for multiple choices use the Ctrl key).

The RSS is used to add RSS feeds from different pages to your homepage (for example the main news of Kauppalehti (in Finnish): http://feeds.kauppalehti.fi/rss/main). When creating the report, you need to determine the title, the amount of rows shown and the URL of the feed.

Dashboards can be used to add graphical reports to the home page. The preset reports are listed in the Dashboard Name picklist. There are about 50 different kinds reports of different modules to choose from. The type of graph can be either horizontal bar, vertical bar or pie chart.

For more information about web tracking, see the guide Web Tracking.

The Notebook function can be used to make a text field for free writing of the user. It is always private and only requires a title.

The Time tracking reports and their usage is described in the guide Work Hour Reporting.

The Quotes report makes a list of all the valid quotes by week.

The Activities reports are the following:

  • Activities by week
  • Activity report (accounts)
  • Activity points
  • Activity goal
  • Activity points summary
  • Activity points by contact
  • Activities & goals by user.

With the Calendar reports it is possible to make calendar views of the users own and/or the selected users’ activities, and of the activities linked to a certain space. If the Users day or week calendar should show multiple users, select all the wanted users while pressing the Ctrl key (see the picture below). The options for the calendar view are the following:

  • Week calendar (the activities of the user)
  • Users day calendar (the activities of the selected user(s))
  • Users week calendar (the activities of the selected user(s))
  • Space activities.

The Accounts report makes a list of all the accounts added to the system. After the widget is created, you can add groupings by clicking the Edit button at the top right corner.

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