Home Page Notifications

Home Page Notifications


In addition to all kinds of home page widgets, reports and calendars, you can also have notifications on your own home page. Notifications are personal and they will appear for example in the following situations:

  • The user has an active task (for more information, see Tasks).
  • The user has been added to a project.
  • The user has been mentioned in a discussion or someone has commented the same discussion after the user’s comment (for more information, see Discussion).
  • Some other user or an automatic feature has activated a notification concerning an entity (e.g. lead or quote) assigned to the user.

Notifications are shown in Notifications widget (see the picture below), which is always the first widget on the home page. If the user does not currently have any active notifications, the system hides the widget. The notifications widget is always the first widget – you can temporarily move or remove the widget, but for as long as there are active notifications, the widget will re-appear after updating the page.

Notifications work as links and by clicking the title of the notification, you can quickly open the entity the notification is referring to.

Marking Notifications Completed

You can mark most of the notifications completed after you have seen and handled all the matters concerning them. You can mark a notification completed by clicking the  button after the notification’s title.

Task notifications cannot be marked as completed on the home page. The notification will remain active until the status of the task is changed to an end stage, e.g. “Completed” or “Cancelled”.

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