Google Calendar synchronization

Google Calendar synchronization

It is possible to synchronize the CRM calendar with Google Calendar. Each user can specify the synchronization and its settings in My Preferences, which are accessed at the top left corner of the page, right next to the sign out link.

It is recommended to create a separate calendar in Google Calendar for synchronizing. This way you can easily hide the synchronized calendar to hide your work calendar for example on a vacation.

You can start the set up of the synchronization by clicking the External services button. If the synchronization is done for the first time, there is a link Not connected, click to connect Google! in the Google row (see the picture below) and clicking this link will take you to the Google’s sign up page. If you are already signed in with the same browser, the account is identified by the CRM automatically and you do not need to sign in again.

When you have signed in, CRM will open the synchronization settings.


In the synchronization settings you’ll need to determine, which of Google Calendar’s calendars are sychronized to CRM and which calendar is updated with the information in the CRM calendar (see the picture below). There is also a checkbox for synchronizing also the private meetings.

When the settings are ready and saved, the Google Calendar and CRM calendar will be synchronized every 5 minutes. The calendar meetings are synchronized for the past 30 days, and for unlimited time period to the future.

NB! At the moment, recurrent calendar meetings are not copied, but only the original meeting is synced between Google and CRM.

If you want to end the synchronization between Google and CRM, you can do this by clicking the Revoke Token link on External Services.

Field mapping

The table below shows how the fields in Google Calendar are mapped to the fields in the CRM system.

# CRM-service Google Calendar
1 Subject Event Title
2 Start Date and Time From Date
3 End Date and Time Until Date
4 Description Description
5 Location Location
6 Visibility Visibility







The synchronization between CRM-service and Google Calendar uses OAuth 2.0 protocol.

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