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In the Email Contact Portal (ECP), you can create surveys which will be sent to the recipient along with the email, so that the survey can be accessed through a link in the email. The possibilities of the emails are numerous: with them, you can e.g. ask for feedback, learn more about customer satisfaction, ask the customers to update their information etc. The survey answers can be saved in CRM fields and you can also prefill answers in the survey with information from the CRM.

NOTE: The survey requires a ‘thank you’ landing page which will be shown when the respondent has submitted their answers. You can create this landing page in the Landing pages section.

Creating a Survey

You can create surveys in the portal in Content → Surveys by clicking the New Survey button.

On the Info tab you must first provide the following information (see the picture below):

  • Name – This name is only shown in the portal and helps you identify the survey later.
  • Success landing page – The page that will be shown to the respondent, when they have successfully submitted their answers.
  • Allow draft – When activated, the respondent can save their answers as a draft and return to them later. In other cases the respondent must start the survey from the top, if they did not submitted their answers.
  • Status – The survey must be active, so that it can be linked to an email.


Next, proceed to the Questions tab.

You can add a new question with the Add question button (see the picture below). Each question needs a question text, but the other needed information depends on the question’s type. You can choose between the following types:

  • Info – Just a text without a possibility to answer.
  • Text – A question that is answered with text.
  • TextArea – Like the one above, but the field for the answer is larger.
  • Dropdown – Answer options, that are shown as a picklist.
  • Select – Answer options that are shown all at once, one below the other. Only one option can be selected.
  • Multi Select – Answer options that are shown all at once, one below the other. The respondent can select multiple options.

When the question type is either Dropdown, Select or Multi Select, the field Answer options will appear. Write one answer option per row.

The fields CRM field and Prefilled can be used when you want the survey to prefill the answer based on some CRM information. For instance, the CRM field could be the contact’s phone number, which would be prefilled on the survey. The respondent can edit the answer and the change will be saved in the CRM when the answers are submitted.

The order of the questions can be changed by clicking the arrow button   at the top right corner of a question and dragging it. You can delete a question with the Delete button .

On the Styles tab you can change the outlook of the survey with CSS.

When the survey is done, you can save it with the Save button.

Creating a Link for the Email

When the survey is ready and active, it can be linked to an email. You can add a link to the survey by selecting the survey in the email’s Add tag picklist.

The text shown in the survey link is the survey’s name by default. You can change the text by clicking the link with the right button of your mouse and selecting Edit Link (or alternatively by clicking the Link button in the toolbar) and then by editing the text in the Display Text field (see the picture below).

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