CRM to CRM Customer Data Synchronization

CRM to CRM Customer Data Synchronization (Data Import)

In CRM-service system it is possible to activate an import function to synchronize customer and contact data between two separate CRM systems. This enables updating customer and contact data by the information in a source CRM.

You can manage the update rules in Settings → CRM – CRM Data Import.

In Data import settings, you can determine the linking, visibility and update rules of the synchronized fields (see the picture below).

You can also report the imported data from the source CRM system with a custom report Fetched CRM entities.

Starting the Import

In the Accounts module, there is an Import Data button , which starts the import process of account data from the source CRM. You’ll need to determine the source and search terms, and then click Search. The search results will be listed in the table below (see the picture below). You can then select the companies and contacts which will be updated to the CRM-service system.

Completing Contact Information When Creating an Activity
Target Groups
Combined Shape