Creating and Editing Activity Types

Creating and Editing Activity Types


There are two different types of activities in the CRM, events and tasks (= To Do). These two differ in such a way, that events always have starting and ending times and they book this time in the user’s calendar. Tasks on the other hand are used to write down the due dates of jobs or tasks that do not need to be as precisely scheduled – therefore tasks do not book a time in the calendar.

There can be more than two activity types however, since you can break down events into different event types, for example meeting, call, training, etc. You can add new event types by adding new values to the Type picklist in Calendar module (for further help, see the guide Picklist Editor).

When it comes to tasks, there can only be one, and it is defined by a Task value in the picklist mentioned before. More information on adding the Task type below.

Adding the Task Activity Type

If the task option is not available when creating a new activity, you can add it to the Type picklist in Calendar module, so that new type has the value Task. After saving, the new type with the Task value is shown on a grey background (see the picture below).

Other values you add to the picklist are always automatically event types.

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