Convert Lead

Convert Lead Module Tool

A lead in CRM system can be easily converted to a contact, account, potential or all of these. For this you’ll need to create a module tool and map out, which information in the lead’s fields will be copied for the contact/account/potential.

The tool, like all the module tools, can be created in Settings → Module tools by clicking the Add tool button and selecting the Convert Lead option. First the basic information is determined for the tool, including name, activity, icon, description and conditions for visibility and run (for more information, see Module Tools).

Then you’ll need to define the settings for conversion. In the Options section there are checkboxes to determine whether a new account and/or contact is created if there isn’t one and whether the lead is removed after the conversion (see the picture below).

When the settings are ready, you can determine which information on the lead’s fields is copied for the account, contact and/or potential. The copied information must be determined separately for each entity in each module.

The input copied to the entity’s field is defined with the buttons next to the field (see the picture below). Clicking the Active button activates the field so that information will be copied to it. If the Editable button  is clicked as well, the input can be edited before the conversion. With the picklist next to the buttons you can determine, if the information is copied from a certain field of the lead or if it is filled with fixed input. If you choose the Field option, the lead’s field must be selected from the picklist appearing next to the original one. If you choose Input, the appearing field can be e.g. a blank text or selection field depending on the field type. You can then write/select the fixed input to this field.

NB! The Account name information for contact, account or potential must always be copied from the lead’s field Company (not e.g. Account name) – this way the possible function for creating a new account (if one with the same name doesn’t exist) will work correctly.

The fields, that are not used to copy information from the lead, should be left inactivated – they can always be filled in after the lead has been converted. If no fields are activated from any of the three modules, the lead will not be converted into that module.

Finally the tool must be saved. If it is set active, it can be used in the Leads module by the determined conditions.

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