Activity Points

Activity Points


Activities (events and tasks) have a permanent field for activity points. Activity points can be used for e.g. following the results and efficiency of sales people or other employees, or as a base for bonus calculation.

The users get activity points from different activities by pre-defined logic. It is always the activity’s assignee who is rewarded with points. It is highly recommended, that an admin sets up an automatic calculation for the points, so that the users themselves do not need to make sure that the points are correct for each activity.

You can set weekly goals for activities for each user, and they can be reported side by side with realized activities and activity points on the home page.

Reporting Activity Points

Reporting activity points is the easiest on users’ own home pages (for more information about home page reporting, see Home Page Reports). In addition, you can also report activity points with the report generator (for more information, see Report Generator), in which case you can see the points of different users more collectively.

When you are creating a new home page widget, there is a separate category for activities. You can report activity points with the following reports:

  • Activity points
  • Activity points by contact
  • Activity goal (see the picture below)

  • Activity points summary (see the picture below)

With reports Activity goal and¬†Activity points summary, you can follow and compare activity points side by side with the user’s target activity points. In the reports, the totals for points and target points are a sum of all the activity types’ points and target points.

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